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Organic vs Synthetic products, what’s the difference?

Organic vs Synthetic products, what’s the difference?

Most products available off the shelf are likely to be “synthetic” ingredients based products, meaning they have been constituted using various chemicals and artificial ingredients. This also includes ingredients like methylparaben and propylparaben as preservatives, to give the products a longer shelf life. These ingredients can have damaging effects to your skin and even your over all health, as some studies have linked use of parabens to increased risk of Cancer!

Organic products by comparison use strictly those ingredients naturally available in nature, without altering their composition or chemical structure. Nature is abundant with a vast variety of herbs and minerals that have unmatched power to rejuvenate and heal, without harming you and your body.

It is just this belief that we adhere to very strictly at Salina Cosmetics. All our products are 100% Organic and 100% Natural, we do not use any chemicals or preservatives of any kind. An immense amount of effort goes into ensuring that the materials used are off the highest quality grade, giving our customers the best results! Stop compromising your long term health, go organic now!

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