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A touch of Lavender

A touch of Lavender

Nature is abundant with boundless treasures of natural healing and soothing elements. One such gem on the top our list is Lavender.

Lavender Essential Oil has many benefits, which can be received in various forms. Lavender is added to various organic foods for reducing bloating and reducing bacteria in the gut. Essential oil is immensely beneficial for its aromatic properties, which have a calming and soothing effect, thus reducing stress and anxiety. It can also help improve sleep cycles and can help a restful and relaxing sleep. But the true benefit of Lavender can be experienced in its effect on your hair and skin.

The anti-oxidant properties of Lavender can help reduce inflammation and reduce muscle pain. It has a healing effect on the scalp and dry skin and has been known to have therapeutic properties for dry skin related symptoms. It also has antiseptic properties, preventing bacterial growth on cracks and minor cuts in the skin. Lavender essence and essential oil has been used for many years for its ability to heal damaged hair and promote growth of hair follicles.

It is these properties that made Lavender one of the prime ingredients in CocoGrow, our hair protein treatment and ScrubGlow , our exfoliating body scrub that is sure to give you a spa treatment, right at home!



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